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Cloud Cask

Yellowstone Systems now provides offsite storage solutions as easy as Drop Box and Google Drive at high speed.  It's a simple way to setup your own syncing of files, contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing from any web browser.  Our cloud based storage solution offers amazing speed and convenience and it's free* for our valued Internet customers!

Simply install our client program on your desktop and designate the folder you want to have mirrored to the cloud.  The program secures your files with 256 bit AES encryption and two step verification for the utmost in security.  If you should lose your computer, your files are still safe on the cloud.  Install the same program on another computer and all your files get automatically mirrored to this computer also.  You will never need to perform another backup!  

Always have your data no matter if you are on a tablet, a phone, a Windows computer, a Mac or a Linux machine.  

Listen to your music anywhere with the ability to stream your music.  Show your pictures or videos wherever you are!

About the Name

Casks are storage containers that have been used for thousands of years. They are still used today. Casks are superior shipping and storage containers due to their sturdiness and manageability. Cloud Cask offers reliable storage, ease of access and a better way to manage your files.

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