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My computer won't let me open anything

This is a problem which is most likely a software problem(i.e. a virus). However there are times when it's been a hardware issue(i.e. a bad hard drive). To fix this problem, we'll need to know if it's hardware, software or both.

Recommended Fix:

Data Recovery (If needed)-Restoring your essential information such as: Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Favorites, Emails and contacts from a working device. Standard Data Recovery fee will be applied towards the Advanced Data Recovery if needed. Average turnaround time: 24 Hours. $89.95

Your Choice of Either:

Computer Diagnostic (as a starting point)- Physical Cleaning, testing of hardware and identifying Windows problems. The computer diagnostic does not include any repairs. The diagnostic fee can be applied toward the System Diagnostic and Repair to fix any windows problems. $79.95


System Diagnostic and Repair-An advanced full system analysis and software repair of your PC will fix most windows problems. Includes physical cleaning, testing of hardware, virus and spyware removal, windows repair, windows updates and drivers. A fresh windows install is included if needed. We optimize for faster computer speed and better performance. Our most popular flat rate service. Average turnaround time: 3 business days. $149.95

***Advice is given on a generalized basis and may not be suitable for everyone, for a more accurate solution call 406-545-2900 and speak with a technician today. ***

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