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Getting Your Computer Ready For Service

Being prepared to have your computer serviced will not only save you time but can also speed up the repair process. Here is a checklist you can fill out to further help you be prepared.

                      • Know if you need your data backed up or not. Data is pictures, music, videos, documents, anything you've created. If you have a program that you use (i.e. Outlook, Outlook Express, Quickbooks) let the technician know so they make sure to grab the data from the program(s).
                      • If you have the restore disks for your computer you should bring them in. To fix laptops we require their AC adapter (a.k.a. power cord). For desktops we only need the tower.
                      • Be ready to answer questions about the computer and your usage. Common questions asked include: "Have you experienced unusual slowness or errors?","Does the machine spontaneously reboot or shutdown?", and "Does the computer lock up?". These kind of questions will give the technician a better understanding of your problem and will allow them to make a better suggestion for a solution.
                      • Be ready to ask questions. Common questions asked by customers include: "What anti-virus do you recommend?", "How can I stay better protected?", and "What is the average repair time?". Don't be afraid to ask the technician what their opinion is either.
                      • Don't forget to have a problem description handy! Good things to note are: when the problem started, recently installed software, what the last user did before the problem started, last time you took anti-virus updates, and if any message popped up.
                      • Know your computer's history. How many times have you had to bring it in for repairs? Did you have to replace any hardware? Have you worked on the computer yourself or has someone else? Knowing this information will help us determine the best course for repair.
                      • Please be prepared to make a $79.95 deposit when you bring in your computer.


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